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A playground! Located right next to our education/health centre this is a welcomed addition for both young and old.


March 2016





Meet Fenel, one of two of our students attending university since January 2015. Fenel is studying medicine. His dream is to become a surgeon.


January 2016




Our education/health clinic opened its doors! Classes will now take place in this facility. As well, in collaboration with the organization Go Mad Ministries, a health clinic will be held twice a week for the children of the community.


February 2015






We will dearly miss our beloved friend and community leader Pastor Ricardo who passed away a few days after his 48th birthday.  His work and legacy lives on!


December 2015






Dania, on the right, tells me she dreams of becoming a gynecologist! She has been in our classrooms since 2004. You will recognize a younger Dania waving in the photo above. With the right sponsorship she could see her dream come true!


March 2014





Pastor Ricardo and his wife Ginette. Photo taken shortly after Pastor Ricardo’s fourth chemotherapy treatment. Pastor Ricardo is battling lymphoma cancer.  Your prayer support and financial support to help with the cost of treatments are greatly appreciated.  


February 2014



These young ladies were so excited to start school this past September. The picture captures it all. Your support makes education possible for these future leaders.


September 2013





Something very exciting took place this 1st week back at school. One of our very own students which has been with us since 2004 became a teacher for our youngest students! Fenel has been a dedicated student from day one. What a delight to see him now share his love for learning with his young pupils.


September 2012




In September 2012 it became obvious that we needed to replace our old Toyota with a newer vehicle. A few short weeks later, with the help of generous donors, we were able to purchase this modern Honda Civic. There is no doubt this vehicle will serve Pastor Ricardo well as he answers to the many needs of the community in Muñoz.


September 2012



The needs in a community such as Muñoz are many. The challenge remains to assess what is most needed and how best we can stretch our dollars. This year it became obvious that a good used vehicle was paramount to facilitate many essential services. This photo shows Pastor Ricardo using this vehicle to distribute meals to the poorest family of Muñoz.





Our goal since 2004 has been to facilitate academic learning. These kids are excited to learn because we endeavor to provide an environment that is safe and conducive to learning. Our small makeshift classrooms are available for kids that have, for all kinds of reason typical of poor communities, little or no access to schools. Education is their future







There is so much community and hope in the town of Munoz. Contributing to its growth and development is as much a joy as being a small part of it. Pastor Ricardo is a pillar in the village and brings the love of God to each person he visits.


Emily Smith | May 2007





In April 2004, I returned with a good friend and two of my daughters and for one month we worked in a makeshift classroom helping teach children that had no access to any form of education. We worked hard, played hard, laughed and cried and learned so much about the people and ourselves.


Nicole Lafrance | April 2004







In January 2004 while vacationing in Playa Dorada, I had the privilege of discovering the community and beautiful people of Muñoz. The day I crossed that river was a life changing moment and the beginning of an incredible journey.


Nicole Lafrance | January 2004


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