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Pastor Ricardo was a man with vision, a passionate heart, and a true understanding of community life. Pastor Ricardo, his wife Jeanette, and six children, made Muñoz their home in 1988.


This warm and caring family committed to making a difference and their positive influence has impacted many throughout the community of Muñoz and surrounding “bateys” and villages.


One of Ricardo’s most urgent visions was to see the children of Muñoz receive an education that would launch them in the right direction for a better life. His dedication to that end proved very fruitful and continues to this day.


In 2012 we assisted Pastor Ricardo in launching a non-profit organization called: Luz por la Vida, which translates Light for Life. The vision of this organization is to provide better education, skills training and job readiness for children and adults.


Sadly in December 2015 Pastor Ricardo passed away after bravely fighting cancer for 3 years.


We will continue to work very closely with Luz por la Vida and do our utmost to be a part of carrying on his vision. Nicole Lafrance is acting director of this organisation until Jeanette, Pastor Ricardo’s widow, takes over the leadership.


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