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In the hub of the community of Muñoz, we assisted Pastor Ricardo in providing education for Haitian and Dominican children since January 2004. First, classes were held in Pastor Ricardo’s church for approximately 50 to 60 children. Then we purchased land and with the help of many we build a small education centre that provided a much more suitable environment for our students.  Since 2014 the laws have changed in the Dominican Republic and all children now have access to public schooling. This frees us to focus on health care needs and providing opportunities for higher education. Our education centre now serves as a pre-school centre and a health clinic.


Since 2004, providing opportunities for education has been our primary focus. We also have raised funds and facilitated numerous other projects as well as collaborated with many other organisations to meet many needs. Below are just a few examples:


In March 2016, with the help of two organisations (Every Child is a Gem and Go Mad Ministries), we added a beautiful playground structure next to the education centre giving the children a wonderful environment to play and a place for parents to hang out.


From 2004–2013 we sponsored two teachers to oversee the classrooms Pastor Ricardo was facilitating in his church.  


In the fall of 2014 we were so excited to secure sponsorships for two of our students enabling them to register and attend university full time! One is studying medicine and the other is studying for the tourist industry.


October 2013 to December 2015 we covered all the medical costs for Pastor Ricardo’s battle with cancer.


In 2011 we purchased a new vehicle for Pastor Ricardo; a vehicle that served the whole community of Muñoz.  This includes yearly maintenance costs.


From 2010 to 2014 we sponsored several students and one teacher to attend private English classes, which enhanced their chances of employment in the tourist industry.


We participated in sending Pastor Ricardo and a team on several humanitarian trips to Haiti in the aftermath of the terrible 2010 earthquake.


We assisted Pastor Ricardo in advocating for proper sanitary facilities in the community of Muñoz. These were finally installed in 2009.


Between 2006 and 2008, during a particularly difficult economic period, we collaborated with a local resort and we were able to provide food drives twice a week for the community of Muñoz.


In 2006 we bought a utility vehicle which served the community for five years.


On most trips we have distributed items such as new toothbrushes, shoes, t-shirts, and school supplies to many children in the community of Muñoz.